i'm the queen, you're my ruler

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Deleted scene from Memento Mori [originally found by]

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"chance meeting your perfect other, your perfect opposite - your protector and endangeror. chance embarking with this other on the greatest of journeys - a search for truths fugitive and imponderable." | the x files

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Joan and Sherlock + tropes

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1993 - 2013

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get to know me meme: [1/5] favourite relationships → Lucy Liu and Jonny Lee Miller’s friendship

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“Cote is a very special friend to me, and is someone that I’ve gotten to know so incredibly well” – Michael Weatherly


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multi-talented bommie; 20 different expressions in less than 3 seconds

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AON Press Conference in Singapore

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And just like that, Roo Roo was gone.

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