i'm the queen, you're my ruler

mulder and scully + types of kisses [insp]

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Nine Muses' MVs x

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come back home // lyrics typography [insp.]

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Fight The Future.

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MULTIFANDOM CHALLENGE || (1/20) Albums » Crush by 2NE1

↳ "We’re four crazy girls who are very different, but came together through our love for music. Our goal is just to put the best music out there possible. We don’t focus on any one region or country—we do this for everyone."

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Dara-kkuma ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ

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Happy 4th Anniversary to Nine Muses! ♡
We MINEs will forever be with you, no matter what, because Nine Muses Is Never Ending.

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Happy 4th Anniversary to the beautiful ladies of Nine Muses! ♥ Who have gone through hard times since their debut, but have remained strong and fighting. To those who left: your mines will remember you and support you in your future decisions. To those six girls who are still here, your MINEs are here to keep supporting and loving you. Let’s be together for a long time.

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this is destiny.

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1998 | 2008

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I’m sorry. No matter how many times I say it, I’m still sorry
That this low ceiling of this small room is our sky,
That I’m not your umbrella, but your rain.

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